Hi everyone! It’s nakanit and melbatee here. First and foremost, we want to say welcome to our blog! We hope you enjoy perusing “eggs on the wall.”

Why ‘eggs on the wall’?

We admit it’s a rather peculiar name for a blog, but we think it reflects us quite well. First off, it’s kind of eccentric and we like that. It is also a reflection of our childhood. nakanit’s mom’s favourite anecdote of our childhood is how we used to enjoy throwing oranges on the ground. It’s random, but we love it. Now, as adults, we are throwing eggs (our messy thoughts) on to the wall (this blog).

To quote the words of one awesome Haruki Murakami: 

Because each of us is an egg, a unique soul enclosed in a fragile egg. Each of us is confronting a high wall. The high wall is the system which forces us to do the things we would not ordinarily see fit to do as individuals . . . We are all human beings, individuals, fragile eggs.

We are here to throw our own unique thoughts out into the world, to share the warmth, hoping that it will stick and to make at least a small difference for our readers.

A quick guide to eggs on the wall

  • You can find out more about us on our About page.
  • Under Beauty, you will find our Beauty Profiles, Current Regimens, All Star Products, and Beauty Product Reviews. The focus of this section of our blog is mostly on skincare, but you might occasionally find posts on other beauty topics (as they pique our interest). Our Beauty Profiles are meant to give you an idea of what our skin is like naturally (our skin types and history) so that you can better judge for yourself how the products we review will work for you. Current Regimens will give you a glimpse of what’s currently on our bathroom shelves, and you can find our ravin’ faves in All Star Products.
  • Places – where will we take you? As avid travellers, we both have a lot to say on the subject and would love to share the world as we have and continue to see it. Edmonton is a mainstay in our lives, having been born and raised there, but trust us when we say it will not be the only place we’ll talk about!
  • Events are a fun way to connect with the community around us. We’ll keep you posted with the latest events we’ve attended (or hosted!) in our current home cities.
  • Food, the most important part of the Maslow pyramid (to us anyway). Anything from our favorite places to eat to home recipes, you can find it here.
  • And finally, Features are what we treat as limited edition blog posts.

Thank you for visiting!

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