Fresh Soy Face Cleanser Review


The purpose of the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser is to cleanse and remove daily dirt and grime, including makeup, while preserving moisture and elasticity. This is accomplished via the use of soy protein amino acids, rosewater, cucumber extract, and borage seed oil.


The cleanser comes in two sizes for purchase, both in tube format; 50 mL and 150 mL. The picture shown below is a 20 mL sample size Sephora is offering for their 2016 birthday gift to Beauty Insider members.


Fresh Soy Face Cleanser is a gel cleanser that comes out of the tube quite easily. Instructions are simple – wet skin, massage cleanser over face and eyes, and rinse. Personally, I use no more than a pea size of cleanser for my face, eyes, and neck. After gently massaging the face and eyes in circular motions, a few light splashes of lukewarm water effectively rinses off the product.

It may be important to note that the cleanser does not bubble or foam, and it has a mild soy scent. Use of this product has left my skin feeling fresher, softer, and brighter!

One thing I haven’t really tested out is the “removing makeup” aspect that Fresh touts for this cult classic. I have used it for very light makeup – foundation, powder, blush and mascara – and it has removed that just fine, but heavier makeup remains a question for me. I will definitely post updates as I keep experimenting with this product!

Update (Sep. 26/16): I’ve recently worn thick Bobby Brown gel eyeliner, with multiple coats of normal and waterproof mascara. My usual pea size drop of the cleanser worked to get off most of the eye makeup but not all! I ended up using an eye makeup remover to get rid of the rest, but I’d imagine the cleanser would work perfectly fine if I had used more. Hope this helps!

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser - COLLAGE
Fresh Soy Face Cleanser


  • This product is very, very gentle, and rinses off very easily. Anti-aging buffs will appreciate this!
  • The addition of rosewater and cucumber extract is a huge bonus for me. I struggle with redness in my cheeks whenever I get overheated (ie. exercise, a hot summer day), so this worked really well for me when I took it on my travels to Canada’s East Coast late last month (where temperatures peaked at +28℃). I noticed a definite visible reduction in redness! For my first foray into Fresh skincare, I am quite impressed.
  • The no frills tube format is excellent for preserving the product.
  • I like how I only need a pea-size to wash my face and neck, which means more mileage out of a single tube!


  • Priced at $19 CAD for 50 mL and $45 CAD for 150 mL, this may be a deterrent from buying into Fresh’s cult of awesome.


Heck yes!!


  • Follow up with a spray toner or mist to maximize the cooling effects on your skin! It’s a real treat when the weather is hot.
  • The cleanser prepares your skin really well for any other treatments you may apply after. My face is visibly brightened and smoothed right out after using toner, essence, and serum.
  • Run to Sephora and sign up for Beauty Insider to get your free birthday sample (if you haven’t already)! There’s still a few months left in this year yet.

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