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With the new, crisper season hitting us rather quickly this year, it felt appropriate to create a playlist with some of my favorite late summer jams to give the heat a proper sendoff.

The Fall I 2016 Playlist

1. G2 – 맘 편히 (Comfortable) feat. GRAY and Simon Dominic
2. Rheehab – Everywhere
3. Penomeco – For You feat. Punchnello and Crush
4. Vasco – YEYE feat. Genius Nochang
5. DEAN – bonnie and clyde


Korean R&B is really shining this year with new prince DEAN on the scene. His album has been on heavy repeat ever since his mini album dropped back in March. Also – I’m not one for shouty raps like Zico likes to do or Keith Ape but I don’t mind it so much on Vasco’s track YEYE. Maybe because the shouty is at a minimum. Anyway, hope you like it and leave me any thoughts on who I should check out or the kind of stuff you’d like to hear.

xoxo, nakanit

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