2016 Trip: Canada’s East Coast


Back in late August, mr nakanit and I travelled to the idyllic Canadian East Coast for a 10-day trip/mini-moon. Here were the two things that we knew about the East Coast before going: that the lobster is incredible and that the scenery is beautiful. While those two are definitely true, there are many other things we found on this trip that makes this area so charming, peaceful, and worth every bit of your time.

While Canada’s East Coast comprises of the provinces of Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, the mister and I only visited the latter two. Miramichi, New Brunswick is the hometown of one of our good friends, where her family still resides and who we stayed with; Wolfville and Halifax, Nova Scotia were where we bummed off to on a 3-day trip over Labour Day weekend.

Canada’s East Coast loves nature

During our trip, mr nakanit and I did two hikes. One of them is called the Fish Quarry Loop at French Fort Cove in Miramichi, and the other was a longer hike with some good elevation off of Scots Bay in Nova Scotia called Cape Split. As you can see in the pictures below, the views were breathtaking…

French Fort Cove - Miramichi, NB

Cape Split, NS

One thing the husband and I both really enjoyed about this trip was the quiet – no crazy sirens, loud traffic noises, or busy crowds moving frantically to go places. The pace of life slowed right down the moment we got off the plane. I actually experienced a shock to the system as I realized that the chill East Coast lifestyle gave me room to not only breathe, but also allowed some of the problems I had been subconsciously dealing with bubble to the surface. It took me a couple of days to readjust, but it was fascinating how that shift came about.

Canada's East Coast

The weather in the East Coast during this time is called ‘Indian Summer’ – where the days are hot and the nights are cool in the fall season. This meant that we had a few beach days to extend our summer! Cheap badminton set + sunscreen + chips!!

Canada's East Coast beaches

Note to everyone: The water was freezing!

Wolfville, Nova Scotia: A Gem in the Annapolis Valley

Wolfville is a town along the Annapolis Valley that is growing in fame for their vineyards. It was incredibly enjoyable as we sipped on wine and enjoyed the beautiful weather and views.

Wolfville vineyards, NS

There was also this super cool farmer’s market in Wolfville that sold the cutest goods, fresh produce, and great food in general. We had some food here before our hike up Cape Split.

Wolfville Farmer's Market, NS


Lobsters! There is this place called O’neills in Baie St. Anne’s that sells fresh lobster caught on the day you buy it. It comes straight fresh for $8.99/lb or they can cook it for you for an extra dollar per pound. My friend’s papa went to order some cooked lobster while we were playing badminton at Escuminac during one of our beach days. We picked up the lobster before heading back to their house and man, what a great way to end the day!!

O'neills, NB

Miramichi also has THE BEST* lobster rolls. Omg.

Maisie's Lobster Rolls, NB

*Not scientifically proven.

So the East Coast has no shortage of lobsters, good people, and most of all – ICE CREAM.

East Coast ice creams

We had so much ice cream on this trip. We think it may have to do with the amount of dairy co-ops that exist in the area.

Last lookPeggys Cove, NS

This trip to Canada’s East Coast really was amazing. I got to spend 10 days in a very peaceful, down to earth part of the country with my newly minted life partner and one of my best friends. Travelling always gets me to operate outside of the mental rut I tend to get into at home. It gets me appreciating what it means to be alive and having the financial and physical ability to see a different part of the world, even if it’s still in your home country. Learning about how others live is one of the biggest eye openers for me and keeps me on the go.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve been to Canada’s East Coast or have any questions about my trip!

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