Flower Crown Workshop with Fleurs Flowers


Something that I’ve been trying to do in and around Edmonton lately is to seek new experiences and appreciate our growing city. Earlier this past summer, I was looking through some YEG Instagram photos and came across a local collaborative called Local Love Pop Up. Local Love aims to showcase local businesses by hosting unique events, which piqued my interest immediately. I was pretty lucky in that Local Love was hosting an upcoming flower crown workshop at Fleurs Flowers – I asked a girlfriend to join me for a girls’ night and away we went!

What we did

The Fleurs Flowers – Flower Crown Workshop was surprisingly more relaxed than I had anticipated. Champagne, wine, and chocolate greeted us as we walked into the shop. Fleurs also has this breathtaking feature wall of flowers, which I had unfortunately not taken a picture of!

Fleurs Flowers - Flower Crown Workshop
Fleurs Flowers – Flower Crown Workshop

Bubbly in one hand, swag bag in the other, we walked around the shop where Fleurs has an array of succulent and floral arrangements for sale. I didn’t realize this, but Fleurs actually hosts workshops throughout the year, and has some fun seasonal ones too. Also, local kimono maker Lost in Layers had two racks of some of their beautiful kimonos on display. (I ended up buying one!)

The workshop lasted for two and a half hours, and there were about 10 participants in total. Supplies were set out on work benches with individual work spaces. The flowers and greenery for the workshop were in huge vases on a table in the back. Everyone managed to complete their flower crown! I was very impressed with the staff, who were so patient and upbeat every minute of the night.

Final thoughts

I had a great time with my girlfriend learning how to make flower crowns. It’s not something I would be doing on a daily basis, but I can see myself making these for special events! The cost of the workshop was a little steep at $120, but then again I wouldn’t be needing to go to another flower crown workshop. The swag bag was also full of goodies that introduced me to other local shops and businesses. There are more pictures available on Local Love’s Instagram, and you can find more about Fleurs’ workshops here. I’m definitely looking forward to more events hosted by Local Love soon!

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