Alpha-H Liquid Gold Review

Read on for my beauty product review of the Australian Alpha-H Liquid Gold – a toning serum on our “All Star Products” list!


Alpha-H claims that the purpose of this resurfacing treatment is to help diminish wrinkles, pigmentation and sun damage. The end result is supposed to be a brighter and clearer complexion. It achieves this through the use of 5% glycolic acid, licorice extract and silk proteins.


The standard size for the product is a 100mL bottle. With regular use every other night, this bottle lasts me about five to six months.


Instructions say to apply to cleansed skin each alternate evening through the use of a cotton pad. It can be followed up with a moisturizer, or for a more intensive treatment, use it as the last step of your evening skincare regime.

The product is a light golden liquid, with a slight chemical smell to it.

When I first started using the product, I felt a very slight tingling sensation upon application. The tingling sensation goes away really quickly afterwards. Nowadays, I don’t feel any tingling sensation when I apply this product.

Other than the initial tingling sensation, I don’t notice anything immediately after application. The next morning though, wow! My skin looks more even toned, smoother, clearer and brighter. It actually looks a little like it’s glowing! 😀

Glycolic acid has many benefits for the skin. It helps to regenerate the skin and treat acne and blackheads. It will also help with minimizing pore size and improve overall skin texture. Alpha-H’s Liquid Gold has been touted to brighten dark spots, diminish dullness, purify pores, battle bacteria and stimulate synthesis of collagen!

Alpha-H Liquid Gold
Alpha-H Liquid Gold


  • It works to control my breakouts without drying out my skin. I used to use a salicylic acid topical gel for my breakouts, which always dried out my skin and did very little to the breakout. This glycolic acid product does a great job at keeping my pores clear and therefore at preventing breakouts from surfacing in the first place. It also does a good job at preventing breakouts from getting worse when they do start popping up.
  • I used to get cystic breakouts when I first moved to the UK and my skin was freaking out over the change in climate. This product really, really helped me with getting those breakouts under control.
  • It helps to plump out the light wrinkles on my face – though for me, this is more of a short term effect rather than a long term effect. I don’t see a halt in the development of wrinkles on my face… though I don’t know that I can expect any product to do that (expectations amounting to a fountain of youth much?).


  • I have to order this online and import it from the UK. It is not currently available from any Canadian retailer that I know of. This is inconvenient and also costly. However, this product has worked so well for me that I am not yet willing to part with it despite the hassle and cost.
  • I don’t see much of a lightening of my dark spots as the product claims to be able to do… but my dark spots have been extremely stubborn against treatment and have existed for longer than I can remember. So, I don’t discredit any product for not being able to treat them.


Yes! It’s a staple in my skincare bag.


  • If I see or feel a breakout surfacing, I will use Alpha-H’s Liquid Gold as an intensive spot treatment for the breakout. I do this by holding the cotton pad soaked with the product on the spot for about 5 seconds. I do this every night, instead of every other night. It becomes the last step in my skincare routine, so I don’t apply a moisturizer over top of that spot. This has proven to be an effective way for me to advance the healing or disappearance of what would otherwise have been a massive/cystic breakout.
  • If it is your first time using a glycolic acid product and it is too strong for you, try neutralizing the effects by using a moisturizer after applying Alpha-H’s Liquid Gold.
  • You can find this product online from various retailers as well as directly from Alpha-H themselves. Alpha-H offers free shipping on all orders over $250USD. I personally order my Liquid Gold from a UK retailer, Cult Beauty. Cult Beauty offers free shipping on all orders over 50GBP, and they carry many other really great skincare brands. As of the date of this post, Cult Beauty is offering a deal on Alpha-H’s Liquid Gold (3 bottles for 38GBP). I just stocked up! 😀 (Cult Beauty occasionally does some sort of deal on this bestseller of theirs, so if you missed out on this deal, look out for the next one!)

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