nakanit and I are both planning a trip to Japan in 2017! Although we are each doing our own trips separately, we are both so excited for it! For me, it’s a trip that’s been a long time coming. Japan is pretty much Bman’s top travel destination, and while he’s practically been all over the world with me, I have yet to hit up Japan with him. So, I’m pretty stoked to finally be able to take this trip with him. For nakanit, this Japan trip will be her honeymoon trip! Also super exciting. Both nakanit and I have visited Japan previously (also on separate occasions). So this time around, with more experience on our backs, we have more of a focus on what we want to do and where we want to go. We want to explore Japan in greater depth and detail!

From my trip to Japan back in 2009!

A quick sneak peek of our upcoming trips

For my trip, our focus is more on visiting the northern regions of Japan during the winter season. Many people living in the northern hemisphere are turned off from travelling to cold places, especially during the winter months. While I am a recent warm (though some may say hot) weather convert, I still have a super soft spot for the cozy winter weather. Travelling to different regions during the winter months brings its own set of unique activities and beautiful landscapes (my trip in Europe during the winter season was fantastic).

I also have a life long goal of hitting up a ski resort in every continent where there is one. This trip to a Japanese ski resort will be my second time snowboarding/skiing outside of North America, and the third continent that I will have skied/snowboarded on in the world. I can’t wait to have a hot bowl of ramen during my lunch break on the hill!

Aside from hitting up some ski resorts, Bman and I also want to check out a town called Kanazawa. It’s apparently gorgeous covered in snow. We will also spend a good chunk of time in Tokyo – a must for any first time visitor to Japan. Depending on how the rest of the planning pans out, we may also hit up Kyoto and/or other Japanese cities/towns.

As for nakanit’s trip, I will let her surprise you with those details.

Look out for our posts to come on where exactly we are planning to go, details and resources on how to plan a trip to Japan, and then highlights of our trips when we finally get to go!!

Tell us what you think!

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