Why do the Korean 10 step skincare regime – a three part series


Part II: What we like and dislike about the 10 step Korean skincare regime

What do you like about the 10 step Korean skincare regime?

melbatee: The reason I like the 10 step Korean skin care routine is because all the layering actually makes my skin feel more balanced, hydrated, plump and clear. After my cleansing and moisturizing routine these days, my skin actually feels soft and plump and I wake up with a clearer complexion the next day. I still have some clogged pores that I am looking for a solution to, but breakouts are a lot less frequent (I really only see them rear it’s ugly head when my stress levels rise). I would even venture to say that my skin is the best it has been for a long time.

Layering and customizability

When I used to only just use a moisturizer after I cleanse, I find that the moisturizer kind of just sat on top of my skin and felt like an oily layer on top. It didn’t feel like it absorbed into my skin and actually gave it hydration. It might have been that I was using the wrong moisturizer, I don’t know. But I do find that the introduction of an essence has added a lot to hydrating my skin. As does the serum I use. I feel even my toner is adding to the plumpness. So, I feel that the layering of products does a better job of hydrating my skin than does using just a moisturizer or one product alone. I now use a much lighter moisturizer and my skin feels more hydrated than when I used a heavier moisturizer.

With the addition of more steps, I can also address more concerns with my routine. I use two different cleansers with two different functions in my two step cleansing process. I am also about to adopt using two serums to address different skin concerns on different areas of my face at the serum step. Having more steps allow for more customizability to target more than one skin concern.

On being a “Korean” regime

Many other bloggers out there also really like the 10 step Korean regime. Many seem to agree that the layering of products is key. Most bloggers, from what I’ve seen so far, stick to using strictly Korean products in the 10 step Korean regime. They say that Korean products are more gentle (compared to their Western counterparts) and works well in the regime (as many Western brands still don’t carry things like essences and sometimes even serums). However, for myself, I find that many Korean products are not strong enough or effective in addressing my skin problems. Maybe with all the layering and more time it will. I have yet to try a 10 step regime with purely Korean products. That may be something to do in the future. In the meantime though, I’ve been quite happy with mixing Western and Asian products in the 10 step regime.

nakanit: Some people are turned off by the lengthy process in taking care of your skin with the 10 step regime. I personally enjoy it like a ritual. It also helps that the packaging and smells of Korean skincare are very appealing. For the longest time, however, I never really asked if doing the regime was worthwhile, and if it works for me. It wasn’t until melbatee and I were starting this blog that I sat down and thought a bit about what the 10 step regime means to me.

After some thought, I realized that my skin was dull and dry like cardboard before pursuing the 10 step. It could have been that I was using less than stellar products, I’m not really sure. The process of switching over was very gradual, and my interest in skincare eventually gained momentum and continues to as I’m writing this. I didn’t even realize that over time my face got plumper, clearer, and brighter. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of comments and compliments on my complexion and how clear it is.

I like the 10 step because it does work for me. My skin is clear. The cool feature about this regime is, as melbatee mentioned, the customizability of it. Everybody’s skin is different, and therefore everyone’s needs are different. This is where serums, ampoules and masks come in. Got blackheads? There’s a mask for that. Got pesky eye bags from that stretch of night shifts you just pulled? There’s a serum for that. The good news is it comes in different price points and formulations that you’re bound to find something that suits you.

Something I have to note is that, like melbatee, I don’t use all Korean products. I wish I could import that stuff and use Korean products all the time, but sometimes it’s a matter of accessibility and planning. I do like to stick with using Korean skincare if I can, but I’m enjoying this current ride of trying European and North American brands.

What don’t you like about the 10 step Korean skincare regime?

melbatee: The 10 step Korean skincare regime can honestly feel like a lot of work some days. It can also get quite expensive with the amount of products you need to buy and use. Some steps, depending on their suitability or efficacy for your skin type can also feel unnecessary. At the end of the day, the effort and cost required to maintain the regime can be a turnoff if you can’t see results.

nakanit: Skincare is all about trial and error. It can get pretty disheartening when you’re pumping money into a venture you’re not sure will provide you with results. I think this is where doing your research and reading reviews from a variety of blogs will give you a better idea of whether a product is good or not. Let’s face it – the 10 step regime is time consuming, and costly.


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