Cremorlab Mineral Treatment Essence Review

This time around I’m taking a look at the Cremorlab Mineral Treatment Essence! This product hails from the country of beauty holy grails – South Korea.


I bought this product as a means to trial Step 5 – Essence of the 10 step Korean skincare regime. As an essence, its primary purpose is to hydrate, but this particular essence also touts ‘pore care’, anti-wrinkle action and whitening. Peach and Lily lists out niacinamide and adenosine as the power players in its ingredients list.


This baby comes in a 270 mL matte, clear plastic bottle with a pretty fantastic white print on it. The cap is a basic screw-on cap.


Application of the Cremorlab Mineral Treatment Essence is straightforward. Grab a cotton pad/cotton ball and soak it, then swipe on face. Personally, I like to pour a nickel-size amount of essence into the palm of my hand and pat onto the face. The main reason why I do this is because I find it wasteful to soak product into the cotton, which doesn’t always transfer to the skin. The other reason is I’m trying to minimize tugging on the skin in general, and dragging cotton over the face is opposite to what I’m trying to achieve.

I think it’s helpful to note that if you’re going to try applying this essence on like me, it takes some practice to pour it so that you get the perfect amount to cover your face and neck. The consistency of the essence is like a toner, it’s straight up water-like so be careful of spillage!

Cremorlab Mineral Treatment Essence
Cremorlab Mineral Treatment Essence


  • I found this product quite hydrating for me during the winter when I layered it up with serum and a moisturizer after. It kept my face plump and bright, despite how dry and awful my face gets when it’s cold out.
  • Super lightweight! In the summertime I sometimes use this without following up with a serum.
  • I like that my $42 USD is stretched pretty far because of how big the bottle is. You don’t really use a lot per day, even if you use it twice a day.


  • Okay, so the print on the bottle is pretty. I also like that it’s matte in texture so you don’t really see grubby fingerprints on it. The unfortunate thing is that it’s CLEAR. And that’s a big no no for skincare. Once it sees sun, the ingredients will oxidize, so what’s the point?
  • I don’t think this counts as a “dislike”, but I haven’t seen any ‘pore care’ action. Maybe because the biggest pores I have are around my nose, and that’s a goner no matter what product I put on my face??


Maybe, if I can’t find anything better for my skin type. I’m a little sad because this is really a cult classic, but it hasn’t really blown my socks off 🙁

You can buy it here.


  • Apply when your pores are at their biggest! (Ie. After a hot shower.) This maximizes absorption.

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