Hello everyone, nakanit here. If you’ve been following us at all, you’ll remember melbatee’s Japan trip announcement a couple of weeks back. It actually took me some time to throw this post together because there’s just so much that mr nakanit and I have been planning. Read on to find out a rough idea of what our plan is!

Anatomy of nakanit’s trip

  • 3 weeks
  • Week 1 – South Korea
  • Weeks 2-3 – Japan
  • Mar-Apr. 2017

The reasons

  • Honeymoon with mr nakanit
  • Seeing/shopping for cool things
  • Relaxing at a resort/spa/massage
  • Partying in Seoul
  • FOOD

What we wanna do

Because mr nakanit has never set foot in either country before, this trip will be a blend of the touristy and our interests. I’m pretty pumped for this trip because the last time I was in either country was over a decade ago, and I was with tour groups at the time. As much as I appreciate tour groups taking the headache out of planning an overseas trip, personally I want to have the flexibility of doing the experiences I want to do, at my own pace and on my own time.

With that in mind, mr nakanit and I have generated a rough idea of what we want to see and do, which sounds much like life here in North America. The feeling I get is that we’ll be on a super long date, but I mean it is a honeymoon, so why not?


  • Shopping at Seoul’s various malls/markets
  • Wandering different neighborhoods in Tokyo
  • Catching a baseball game
  • Attending a concert
  • Club hopping in Hongdae, Seoul
  • Going to an onsen (hot springs)

Tourist sites

  • Senso-ji (Tokyo)
  • Akihabara (Tokyo)
  • Nijo Castle (Kyoto)
  • Osaka Castle (Osaka)
  • Kinkaku-ji (the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto)
  • Gyeongbokgung Palace (Seoul)


  • Takoyaki in Osaka
  • Sushi at Tsukiji Fish Market
  • Traditional kaiseki meal in Kyoto
  • Beer and chicken in Seoul

Stay tuned for more updates about me and melbatee’s trips to Japan! Questions or comments? Leave ’em below!

Photo credit: Jessica Fern Facette Photography


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