Ciate Marula Cuticle Oil Review

After rediscovering nail polish this summer (thanks to all of nakanit’s wedding related festivities), the state of my natural nails went completely downhill. In the past, I never had to do much to maintain them, save for getting some moisturizer on them when I was moisturizing my hand, and they had stayed nourished, strong, and smooth for my whole life. Then after wearing nail polish for like a week or two this summer, my nails were super dry, broke easily, and even started PEELING. I didn’t even know nails could do that. Much to my horror, I still wanted to play around with nail polish. I needed to find a solution. So began my research, which lead me to the Ciate Marula Nail and Cuticle Oil.


The purpose of this nail and cuticle oil is to help promote moisture retention and build strong nails. Marula oil and biotin feed the nail with essential vitamins to help it regenerate cells and fix dry and peeling nails.


The standard size for the product is a 13mL bottle with a brush applicator. I’ve been using this product either every day or every other day for about a month now and have barely made a dent in its volume, so it’s hard to say how long it will last me, except that it will be for a long time.


Just apply directly on to clean and dry nails, massage in and voila! You’re done! So easy.

The product is a bi-phase (separated two layered) oil with some pretty flower petals floating in the suspension. It is lightly scented with a rose fragrance.

Upon first application, I see an immediate improvement in the look of my nails. After massaging in the oil, my nails look a lot less dry. It is an oil though and it would be hard to find any oil that wouldn’t make your nails look less dry after massaging it in. But over time with continued and regular application (every night before bed), I notice that my nails either stop getting worse (which they will if I don’t do anything about it post polish removal) or actually get better. I have found it effective at preventing my nails from peeling (when I have detected initial signs of peeling post polish removal), so I am super, super happy about that.

Word of caution, though: this is the first nail cuticle oil I have ever tried, so I don’t really have a point of comparison between different oils, but this one does what it says it will.

Ciate Marula Cuticle Oil
Ciate Marula Cuticle Oil


  • It works! It strengthens and repairs my damaged nails over time and continued daily use.
  • Looks pretty and smells great!


  • It is a bit more on the expensive side ($22 at Sephora), given that you can find other nail and cuticle oils in the $8-$15 range. However, I have yet to find another marula oil for the nails for a direct comparison.


Yes! (I may give some cheaper oils a try to see if I can save some money. But at least I know this is one I can always fall back on.)


  • Apply immediately after removing nail polish to help prevent further drying and peeling of the nails. Keep applying on a nightly basis before bed to allow the nail to regenerate (after destroying it with all that polish and acetone). Applying it right before you go to sleep is key as it gives the oil 8 hours (or however many hours you sleep) to work its magic.

Let me know if you have tried this or any other nail oils that have worked well for you!

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