The Common

This is an Edmonton joint.

Even though The Common has been around for some time, I haven’t actually been until as recently as last month. I’ve heard cool things like ‘hip-hop brunch’, ‘chicken and waffles’, and ‘it’s good’. But as any good scientist would prefer to have it, I’ll believe it when I see it!

What it is

The Common is a gastro-pub on 109 St on the north side of the High Level Bridge, serving an eclectic array of comfort pub food classics, but better. Inspiration from different cuisines informs the creative spins they have on things. For instance, I have never heard of an Umami Burger – which the menu tells me is made of jack cheese, spicy mayo, spinach, a tempura apple ring along with their house ground flank steak. Don’t be misled though, a lot of the items on The Common’s menu is decidedly more familiar to pub-goers – fish and chips, meatloaf, salads.

When I walk into The Common, it’s definitely a pub. I’m hit with a wave of warm wood, anchored with black leather booth seats and chairs, gold light fixtures and cool mirror geometrics. The bar and its accompanying ATM machine triggers a small smile from me – what stories happened here the night before?

The Common
The Common

What I ate

The two things I’ve heard about prior to going to The Common was a) their truffle popcorn, and b) chicken and waffles. I did hesitate a moment between Chicken and Waffles and the Daily Sandwich before deciding that dieting was a thing of recent memory and went for my original Truffle and Chicken plan.

The Common - Chicken and Waffle, Truffle Popcorn
The Common – Chicken and Waffles, Truffle Popcorn
  • Truffle Popcorn – Made with white truffle and thyme butter. So rich and delicious, and comes in a big bowl that’s perfect for sharesies.
  • Chicken and Waffles – Seriously have not tasted better, though granted, I don’t eat chicken and waffles that often. I like it better than Ampersand27 and Canteen’s offerings though, the ones I have tried. 2 tender, moist, but crispy bake & shake chicken strips with cranberry ancho sauce, 1 massive bacon waffle with goat cheese butter and a slice of watermelon later, belly is over 85% full and Bob’s your uncle.

What I drank

Given that it was 11 am when me and my friend went to visit The Common, I figured alcohol could be saved for another time. I’m sad to hear that they don’t have one of them frother machines to make my (favorite) London Fog, so I settled for a basic tea instead.

  • Earl Grey – Higgins tea bag, which gets tucked inside a cup. You’re given an individual pot of hot water and a spoon for the other condiments you might ask for. I wanted honey with mine.
The Common - Earl Grey tea
The Common – Earl Grey tea

Things I want to drink

Next time I hit up The Common, I’m hoping it’s dinner time because here are some alcohol beverages I’d like to try:

  • Old Fashioned
  • Watermelon Mojito
  • Mezcal Negroni

I’ll keep you posted if and when I try these bad boys!

Why I like it

The Common serves good food. I like it because it’s apparent that they care about their food. It’s got a nice mix of vintage and modern, so it’s actually very welcoming to a variety of crowds. At first I was hesitant to go to The Common because the vibe I got from others was pretty hipster. But after having been there, it seems like my initial fears were unfounded. First impressions have left me feeling positive about it, and would love to go again with some cool cats.

Final words

Looking forward to the next hip-hop brunch! Visit their website for more info.

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