Cremorlab T.E.N. Cleansing Gel Oil Review

So… Black Friday sales happened yesterday. Naturally, I stocked up on some skincare that I have been scouting out for a while. Can’t wait to try them out and share it with you all! I also just kind of went ballistic on all the sales in general. :/ I guess it’s kind of my last little release before I hit finals, which is now just under a week away. :O Trying not to hit panic mode. So in the spirit of exam writing, I will unfortunately, be skipping my next week’s post. Sorry guys. Next time I write again though, I’ll be done my degree. DONE. How crazy is that? It’s been a long ride, but more about that at a later time. On to the beauty product review of Cremorlab’s T.E.N. Cleansing Gel Oil!

I bought the Korean Cremorlab T.E.N. Cleansing Gel Oil as my second attempt at incorporating an oil cleanser into my routine. After hearing about the merits of using a two step cleansing process – oil first, water-based after – I really wanted to try using an oil-based cleanser. My first oil-based cleanser was the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm, but that didn’t work out too well for me. So I stopped using an oil-based cleanser for a while as I didn’t like the oily, non-clean feeling it left after cleaning. Then, when nakanit and I were talking about skin care and the merits of the two-step cleansing process again this past summer, I thought I should give it a second go. In my research for an oil cleanser suitable for someone with oily skin like mine, I found the Cremorlab T.E.N. Cleansing Gel Oil. Read on for how I fared with my second attempt at using an oil-based cleanser.


The purpose of this cleanser is to, well, clean the skin. Cremorlab’s T.E.N. thermal water, evening primrose, and andiroba oils provide hydration and anti-aging benefits while dissolving makeup residue and accumulated grime on the face.


This product comes in a 150mL sturdy plastic bottle with a pump dispenser. I’ve been using this product every day for about three months now and I am about ¾ through the bottle. So, at one full pump a day, it would last me about three to four months.


Instructions say to dispense one or two pumps of the Cremorlab Cleansing Gel Oil on to palms and massage gently on to a dry face. Personally, I find it not slippery enough to massage around gently, if I am going from dry palms to dry face with this gel oil. I end up just rubbing or pushing my face around if I followed the instructions. So I usually wet my palms a bit and then massage the product gently on to my dry face. This way I get more slip and less friction.

The product is unique in its consistency – it’s a gel-type oil. It’s actually more like a fluid than a gel in my mind. One pump kind of puts a small puddle in the palm of my hand. My best description of it would be that it’s like an oily, thick liquid. It also has a light flowery scent, but it is very light and pleasant to me.

The product is hydrating enough and it does seem to clean without leaving much of an oily residue. At least a lot less than the other oil-base cleanser that I had previously tried. However, I feel that it still does not clean thoroughly enough for me. My super oily t-zone still feels oily after cleansing, but other areas of my face feel clean enough without feeling stripped.

I haven’t noticed any other anti-aging or skin improvement effects with regular use of this product.

Cremorlab T.E.N. Cleansing Gel Oil
Cremorlab T.E.N. Cleansing Gel Oil (Please excuse the messy desk – exam time!)


  • It’s hydrating/non-stripping. Cleansers that make your skin feel stripped/squeaky clean is not good.
  • It doesn’t leave much of a residue behind. My greatest malady with oil-based cleansers is the feeling of having added oil on to my face post cleaning. This product doesn’t leave me with that feeling.
  • Smells nice, great packaging.


  • It doesn’t feel like it cleanses thoroughly enough. As I had previously mentioned, my t-zone still feels oily after cleansing. However, I have read reviews on this product where users claim that it is very effective at removing all traces of makeup. So, I think it may make for a good surface cleanser, but I am looking for more of a below the surface cleanser.
  • It doesn’t move around on my face well enough if I apply with dry hands on to a dry face.


No. (Again, as with the Cremorlab eye cream that I had tried, it wasn’t bad, but it also just wasn’t amazing. I might come back to it if I can’t find any other suitable oil-based cleanser.)


  • With most oil based cleansers, it is important to apply the product on to a dry face, and preferably with dry hands. Oil-based cleansers are supposed to loosen up and give more slip with the added heat of your hands and face. Even though that didn’t really happen for me with this one, that’s supposed to be the best way to go about it.

For those of you who have tried this product, let me know how it has worked for you!

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