Hi everyone, nakanit here. I’m sorry it’s been (pretty much) two months since I last posted – it’s been a whirlwind for me on all levels of being, and I’m finally taking some time to slow down enough to write a post. What kind of crazy? More below.

Ice Bear from the show We Bare Bears on the Cartoon Network. Original image found on Violet Bruce’s Tumblr. Check them out!


December. This month involved a lot of baking, weight gaining, Christmas, Drake, working at the hospital, and visiting with friends and family. I didn’t take any extra steps to take care of my skin this month unfortunately, so no new finds here. *sadface*

January. I transitioned into a different job as I wasn’t getting too many shifts at the hospital, and I was looking for better work-life balance. I tweaked my back (herniated disk! ugh!) first week into the new year, so I was in pain for 3 weeks and had a few physio appointments. I’m glad to announce that I am A-OK now though (and totally working on strengthening supportive spine muscles). In other news, Chinese New Year happened (have a lucky Rooster year guys!) and the hubster and I gave out our first red envelopes as a married couple. An interesting change in duties, but didn’t feel anything too out of the ordinary – just comes with the upgrade in status I guess.

Skincare wise: I finished using my First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum, which I somehow went through a lot quicker than my last bottle. I’m sad that I couldn’t write a review on it before finishing it, so I’ve got no pics to cover it. However if any lovely reader wants a quick recap, I’d be happy to share my thoughts on it!

February. I’m also taking some online courses, part-time, which started in January. This month involves a lot of getting my butt into gear for finals first weekend of March and getting hosed with information at my new job. I’m experiencing a major shock to the system – nothing I’m currently doing is familiar so it’s a bit overwhelming. And this brings me to the topic of…

Transitions (just some thoughts on how to deal and such)

When times get tough, everyone deals with things a little differently. These are just some things I’m noticing as I’m going through some sh*t, and more of a holding place for my thoughts than anything… instructive. Take it or leave it, no offense taken 🙂

  • Self-love is majorly important. I don’t think I’ve ever noticed how important this was in helping a person get through the day. Traditionally I would allow myself to not eat, sleep and cry my day away… but these days (and largely with the help my great support group) it’s helpful to
    • Keep doing the sh*t that makes you happy. And I mean sh*t like, that skincare routine you’ve built up that’s rock solid, doing your makeup, cooking your meals. Just because you feel like a sack of poo does NOT mean you aren’t allowed to do things that make you happy. Seems sort of intuitive but it wasn’t like that for me for a long time.
    • Tell yourself that IT’S OKAY to feel bad. Your feelings are yours and no one can judge you for feeling a certain way. Be kind to yourself.
    • Let yourself rejoice in the seemingly small successes. You haven’t done this before. You’re in a new environment. You’re doing fine.
    • Find a healthy way to channel your energy. I’ve set myself back so many times with terrible skin, unhealthy weight, unhealthy eating. So instead of letting myself get to a point where I’d have to start from the bottom again, I’m just going to keep trying to hold the fort down while my mental and emotional status sorts their sh*t out – like working out, taking walks, washing my face, etc.
  • Your circle. I’m a pretty independent person, so reaching out for help is pretty rare. It’s not easy for me to admit that I’m in a vulnerable spot and need help. They say that communicating is better than not, even if it comes out all mumbo-jumbo’d. Sometimes all you need is someone to acknowledge that things are tough, or to show you a perspective you’ve never considered.
  • And finally, just know that everything can change yet again… even if today sucks, tomorrow might be better. After all, you came from a place where situations changed and brought you here right now. Take a deep breath and own the discomfort, it’s a part of your legacy.

Thoughts or comments? Let us know!

xoxo, nakanit

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