Kicho Ultra Moisturizing Sun Cream Review

Happy first day of May everyone! In anticipation for the sunshine season to come, I thought it’d be good timing to tell you about a new skincare product I’ve been raving about – the Kicho Ultra Moisturizing Sun Cream! This sunscreen was something I had discovered through Peach & Lily and recommended to Bman for its touted moisturizing properties in a sunscreen. While Bman had reported positive things about it, I had never really gave it a second thought until I encountered a bought of really dry, flaky skin sometime around mid April. I think the cause of the dry skin had something to do with my starting work in a new office environment, coming off of my SK-II essence (which had provided an additional moisturizing element for my skin), and trying out some new skincare products. I tried the Kicho Ultra Moisturizing Sun Cream as a way to add more moisturizing elements back to my skincare regime to mitigate the dry skin problem I was having. Read on to find out how it worked for me!


The Kicho Ultra Moisturizing Sun Cream is a sunscreen that hydrates the skin and provides SPF 50 protection (UVA & UVB). It’s a dual-purpose product, acting as both a sunscreen and a daytime moisturizer. Moisturizing and rejuvenating ingredients include Kicho’s proprietary soybean plant placenta, allantoin, green tea, gingko, wheat and soy.


This product comes standard in a 50 mL plastic tube with a pump cap and lid. Considering how my usual MAC Prep + Prime 30 mL bottle sunscreen lasts me a good 6-8 months of daily use, I assume this 50 mL Kicho sunscreen one will last me at least just as long, if not longer.


The instructions for application are standard for any sunscreen – apply to your face as the last step of your skin care regimen and before makeup application. Apply liberally and apply 20-30 minutes before sun exposure.

The product feels and smells much more like a light to medium weight moisturizer/cream than it does a sunscreen. It moves around the face easily and doesn’t feel oily like most sunscreens do. There’s a light, and very pleasant flowery scent to it. None of that classic sunscreen smell.

This Kicho sunscreen applies easily and absorbs quickly. After application, my face feels smooth to the touch, not sticky, nor oily. LOVE! After using this product consecutively for a few days, my dry, flaky skin was dry and flaky no more! So it works effectively as a daytime moisturizer as well. MORE LOVE!

Let’s just say, my skin loves this product.

Kicho Ultra Moisturizing Sun Cream Review
Kicho Ultra Moisturizing Sun Cream


  • The Kicho Ultra Moisturizing Sun Cream is non-sticky and non-oily to the touch or on application. I cannot rave about this enough. I can honestly say I’ve never tried a sunscreen yet that doesn’t have at least a little bit of that oily sunscreen feel. So this was a very pleasant surprise.
  • Smells aaamazing.
  • Leaves no white cast during or after application.
  • Actually moisturizes my face. In fact, it actually brings enough hydration to my face to return my dry, flaky skin back to normal (and my regular moisturizer couldn’t even do that). All without making me break out. Is this thing really a sunscreen?!?
  • It can act as a dual-purpose product – moisturizer and sunscreen all-in-one! Perfect for those who want to condense steps and speed up their routines in the morning!
  • Great packaging. Pump dispenses product in a hygienic, and controlled way. Removable lid for the pump prevents accidental squirting/loss of product. The 50 mL size also allows for easy carry-on for flights, truly allowing you to just throw it into your purse and accessing it everywhere for easy, and very important re-application.


  • No oil control function. However, I don’t think this takes away from the amazing-ness of this product at all. It is just a need that I have that will need to be addressed elsewhere (I now use two different kinds of sunscreen). This is really hardly even a dislike as I don’t expect a “moisturizing sunscreen” to also provide heavy duty “oil control” (unless they invent that sometime in the future).


YES, YES, YES. Probably the first sunscreen I’ve ever used that I can say I love from every angle.

* Note: this is the first Asian skincare product that I have reviewed and put on our All Stars Products list, and I couldn’t be happier that it is this Kicho sunscreen. I cannot say enough how much I love this product.


  • If you have combination/oily skin like me, there could still be room for this moisturizing sunscreen in your skincare regimen. Consider using different products on different areas of your face to address each area’s specific needs. I apply Kicho’s Ultra Moisturizing Sun Cream to my cheeks and use it solely as my daytime moisturizer and sunscreen on those areas. In my t-zone, I apply the MAC Prep + Prime sunscreen for oil control.
  • If you have really dry skin, you might need to still use your regular moisturizer underneath this Kicho moisturizer-sunscreen – especially during the drier months.
Kicho Ultra Moisturizing Sun Cream Review
Kicho Ultra Moisturizing Sun Cream – spreads and absorbs so nicely!

Get out there and start enjoying the sun (but don’t forget the sunscreen)! Anyone have any great summer plans they want to share? We always enjoy vicariously living through others’ amazing beach escapes 😀

Tell us what you think!

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