Too Cool for School Limited Edition 2017 Egg Mousse Pack Review

Hey everyone, I can’t believe how long it’s been since I wrote a review for EOTW! (My holiday skincare prep picks don’t count.) That’s gotta change. With the holidays in full swing and the year almost coming to an end, I thought I would review one of the more interesting products I came across this year – the Too Cool for School Limited Edition 2017 Egg Mousse Pack! What a mouthful. While this wasn’t my top holiday skincare prep pick, it actually did come in close second. Why? Read on to find out! – nakanit


The Too Cool for School Limited Edition 2017 Egg Mousse Pack is meant to be a wash-off mask that’s not only a quick 1-minute massage, but also assists in “[transforming] dry and dull skin into smooth and firm skin”.

Egg yolks are known to have great benefits ranging from reducing pore size to tightening the skin. It also works to get rid of excess sebum and dead skin cells, as well as hydrating the skin. What a great all-around natural skincare ingredient!

Note that this product is not the same as the Too Cool for School Egg Mousse Pack. What I call the “regular” Egg Mousse Pack uses regular egg yolk extract, whereas the 2017 version uses 40% red egg yolk extract. This special edition of the Egg Mousse Pack was released in celebration of the 2017 lunar new year, aptly called the 2017 Special Edition: Year of the Red Rooster.


The packaging for this product is unique in that it’s pretty much like a mousse can. The can is made of aluminum, is opaque, and holds 100 mL of product. There is a pump at the top along with a plastic cap to cover. I’ve had this product since April and have used it about 5 times. The can remains half full, so I’d say you can get about 10 uses out of it.

Too Cool for School Limited Edition 2017 Egg Mousse Pack
Too Cool for School Limited Edition 2017 Egg Mousse Pack


To begin, you have to shake the can vigorously. After that, you squeeze about a quarter size dollop into your hands, then gently massage into your clean, dry face. Be careful not to squeeze the pump too hard! The thickness of the mousse may make it a little difficult to get the product out after shaking vigorously, but you don’t actually need to depress the pump a lot to get the amount of product you need.

The box says it’s a quick 1-minute massage, so that’s what I usually do. The texture of the mousse pack is actually thick and pillowy when first applied to the face. As you massage it gently into the face, the mousse deflates and eventually disappears – this all happens within the 1 minute. It smells quite pleasant. After that, you rinse it off and follow up with the rest of your skincare steps (AHA/BHA exfoliant, toner, serum, etc).


  • I asked my husband to monitor my skin before and after using this product. His words: “it looks like your skin smoothed out, and looks brighter.” If my husband noticed what’s happening, you’ll definitely notice it too. It also smells great, which is a plus!
  • The formulation is unique and unlike any other mask I’ve tried. It feels like a pillow is on your face, and the massaging action to work it into your skin helps you to relax and promote circulation.
  • I like it because it’s in a pretty durable container (great to travel with) that’s also opaque (no worries about oxidizing product here).
  • It’s pretty inexpensive if you take the full price for the product and divide it between the ~10 or so times you can use it. The limited edition I have is not for sale anymore, but the Too Cool for School Egg Mousse Pack retails for $25 CDN. That means each use comes to $2.50, which isn’t a far cry from other sheet masks.


  • The vigorous shaking might turn off some people (not sure who), but this isn’t *really* a minus in my books.
  • I’m not a person who likes wash-off masks. This isn’t exactly a minus for some, but personally I like my masks that just get absorbed right into the skin, like a serum. Otherwise, I like sleeping/overnight masks as I can wash it off in the morning as part of my preexisting skincare routine. The commonality here? I’m just plain lazy.


Not really. It’s a great bang-for-your-buck product, and I’m sure this mask works wonderfully for those craving immediate brightening and smoothing effects. For myself though, this mask didn’t quite blow me away, as there are so many other competitors out there that I want to try. Also, my super laziness as I mentioned above. This isn’t to say that I don’t think you should try it if you’ve got some money to blow, and want to try something cool and different.


  • Use an exfoliant like the Skin Inc Pure Revival Peel to reveal some spankin’ new skin before applying the Egg Mousse Pack. This way you can maximize results and get your glow on!

Have you tried an Egg Mousse Pack before? Was it a hit or miss for you? Let us know in the comments!






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