Hylamide High-Efficiency Face Cleaner Review

Hi everyone! It’s melbatee here… back again after an even longer unanticipated hiatus. I am back today to give you a review of the Hylamide High-Efficiency Face Cleaner. However, it’s been quite the ride since the last time I posted back in June, and this hiatus is very much related to that last post. After flying back to Edmonton for an interview in June, I have since been offered and accepted that job. Bman and I subsequently moved back to my hometown. Lots have happened between now and then (it has taken me a long time to settle back in) but I will leave that to another post another day. For now, I want to give you guys this skincare product review because it has just been too long.

Today’s review is of a Deceim product. I discovered this brand sometime last year and bought a whole bunch of their products to try. The brand’s goal is to provide effective skincare at an affordable/low price. They have made quite a bit of noise in the skincare media as of late (for many reasons). Overall though, I like their brand philosophy and want to try out more of their products. Even if just to support an innovative Canadian brand.

The Hylamide High-Efficiency Face Cleanser was bought as a part of a gift to Bman but I then later “borrowed” it for my own use. I was almost out of my usual cleanser and wanted to try out something else before committing to repurchasing the expensive Sunday Riley Clay Cleanser. Since the Hylamide High-Efficiency Face Cleaner was lying around the bathroom sink largely unused, I thought I’d trial it out. I ended up finishing it up for Bman. Oops. Haha, read on for my thoughts on this face cleanser!


The Hylamide cleanser is a “dual purpose” cleanser. It acts as both an oil cleanser and a water-based one. Oils of Mediterranean Crambe and East Asian Kanuga work with plant-derived esters to clean impurities and makeup off the face. Amazonian oils and tomato carotenoids act to hydrate the skin.


This product comes standard in a 120 mL squirt top plastic bottle (not too far off from those squirt top condiment bottles). You twist to open and close the squirt top dispenser. One bottle lasts me about 3 – 4 months of once a day daily use. It doesn’t last quite as long as my usual cleanser, but this probably has something to do with the consistency of the product (more on this below).


When you pour the cleanser out of the bottle it comes out pretty much like water. It has the viscosity of water, if not even lighter, with a slight oily touch to it. Bman doesn’t like the product because he finds it difficult to use (to disperse and apply neatly). You kind of have to splash and rub the liquid on to your face as quickly as possible to get as much of the product on to your face instead of through your fingers and into the sink. In this way, I also find that it can be wasteful as you lose a lot of product to the fluid slipping through your fingers upon application. Once you get it on to your face you gently massage it around and it feels much like a light oil. I think it is supposed to be scentless, but I do get a slight chemical smell from it. Hard to describe, but it’s not significant enough to bother me or turn me away from it.

If you wear makeup or sunscreen, you’d want to apply the cleansing fluid directly on to dry skin and massage it around like you would an oil cleanser. If you do not wear makeup or sunscreen, you can wet your hands prior to dispensing the cleansing fluid then apply the cleansing fluid to your skin with your hand. Once you mix water with the cleanser, it becomes a milky fluid. I don’t wear makeup but to get the full benefits of an oil cleanser, I tend to apply the product dry on to my face, and then wet my hands afterwards to help move the product around my face. After a good massage, the product rinses off cleanly with just lukewarm water. No residue and no need for a cloth to assist with removal.

My face feels clean afterwards and I was really pleasantly surprised at how soft my skin was after using this product.

Hylamide High-Efficiency Face Cleaner Review
Hylamide High-Efficiency Face Cleaner – see the fluid just dripping off my hand like water!


  • The Hylamide High-Efficiency Face Cleanser leaves my skin really soft to the touch after cleansing. It also feels like it has effectively removed all oiliness and impurities off my face.
  • Compared to other oil/balm cleansers that I have tried, this one rinses of cleanly with just splashes of water. No cloth or other devices required.
  • Relatively cheap at around $21CAD a bottle.


  • The packaging actually makes the product rather difficult to handle if you use the product in the shower as I do.
  • The scent is very… chemistry lab-esque.
  • I can’t help but feel like I am wasting a lot of product due to the water-like consistency of the product and the squirt bottle dispenser.


Yes. It cleanses and nourishes as it says it would. It’s an oil cleanser that I can get used to, especially at that price point.


  • Even though the cleanser is marketed as a two-in-one oil and water based cleanser, I would definitely still double cleanse with a non-oily cleanser afterwards. I found it very effective paired with the Sunday Riley Clay cleanser as a follow-up cleanser. On its own, it’s ok for a short period of time when you don’t want to carry around 2 cleansers with you. However, I don’t think it’s optimal as a stand-alone cleanser for the long haul.

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