Welcome to eggs on the wall! Here we hope you find interesting tidbits on where to eat, shop, and be entertained in our home cities of Edmonton, AB and Kamloops, BC in Canada. We also hope to share our endless pursuit of the next best skincare (frankly, we’re a bit obsessed!) and adventures inside and out of the country. Cheers to a life of love and adventure!

eggs on the wall is a 2-woman duo based out of Edmonton, AB and Kamloops, BC.


Hi everyone! I am nakanit and I make up the ½ of eggs on the wall that resides in Edmonton. I was born and raised here, and most recently got married here as well. Friends consider me well-traveled, educated, kinda cool, and maybe a little quirky. My day job puts me in a hospital where I save lives for a living; my side job is starting this blog with my bestest and longtime pal of 20+ years, melbatee. I like to think of where we’re going with this blog as a documentation of where and how we seek to continually improve ourselves – whether from an external perspective such as skincare and clothes or an internal point of view like taking classes or travelling somewhere. Since life is a journey, I hope the blog is able to continue for a long, long time as we both go through the many chapters of life.


Hi there! I am melbatee and I make up the other half of eggs on the wall. I meander the world looking for a place to call home. Well, sort of. I’m currently based out of Kamloops, BC, and am working on completing my degree here. About three years ago, I uprooted from my hometown to pursue my degree, and ever since then life has taken me on planes, trains, boats, and cars in search of some place to settle. While born and raised in Edmonton, I have lived in Leicester, London, Hong Kong, Quebec City, and Kamloops. I have a constant case of wanderlust and have gotten pretty comfortable with uncertainty and the unfamiliar. That makes me a pretty easy going, open minded, and adaptable person. I love seeking new experiences, and have a decently wide repertoire of interests. While I 100% agree with nakanit’s thoughts on the direction of this blog, I also like to think of it as a medium for us to document the people, places, things, and moments that we love. This helps us to not only remember our own experiences and reflect upon them, but to also share it with those who care to know. I hope you enjoy!

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