Type: combination, or straight up oily during these summer months.

Sensitivity: mild sensitivity, clogs easily, acne-prone, mildly reactive (I tend to break out to things that will clog my pores).

Shade: fair skinned.

Concerns: mild acne, wrinkles, spots/acne scarring, clogged pores, large pores, excessive oil production.

I grew up with a mother who rarely ever used make up but had always encouraged me to exercise good skin care habits. I have always used a facial cleanser and moisturizer for as long as I can remember. Hence, I grew up with more an emphasis on good skin care as opposed to using make up as a way to maintain a “beautiful appearance.” My interest in skin care further developed as I hit my hormonal teenage breakout years. During these beautiful teenage years, I had breakouts on the regular. I was prescribed a topical salicylic gel that dried out the acne, but didn’t do much for regulating the rest of my complexion. During this time, I used products from the typical department store cosmetic brands that my mom knew and frequented (Shiseido primarily, but also some Clinique, Lancome, etc.).

As I entered adulthood, the breakouts became less frequent, but the occasional cystic/really major pimple and semi regular minor pimples still appeared. This really bothered me because I was no longer supposed to be having those acne problems associated with being a teenager! So at this time, I started to branch out a little more and toyed with some salon brands (ie. Sothys & Sense??) and some brands you can find at Sephora (ie. Boscia). Throughout this whole time, I tended to have combination skin (oily t-zone and somewhat dry cheeks). Then, as I moved across the pond, from the dry and harsh extremes of Edmonton weather, to the humid and moderate climate of the UK, my skin went a little crazy. Suddenly, my forehead was super dry, flaky, and clogged to no end. So, I really started to do some research.

This is when I truly started to discover more “off the radar” brands and products. To the beauty blogging world, these brands are of no surprise and many have cult followings. To the uninitiated though, these brands are relatively unheard of (as they aren’t in your average drugstore or department store). I am not particularly brand loyal or even region loyal (I don’t stick to purely Asian or European brands). I try and use whatever may be effective for my current skin concerns. So I started discovering European and Asian brands of skincare, and forayed into more American brands as well. I read a lot of blogs and tried a good amount of products. While I am still continually seeking that “perfect” set of products that can regulate my skin and am expanding my product and skin care knowledge, I have already found a few products that I go by on the regular. This blog is our platform to share our experiences with various skin care products and to add to the conversation that is already out there!



Type: normal to combination

Sensitivity: mild to moderate, depending on season and environmental exposure

Shade: olive

Concerns: redness in cheeks, blackheads, hydration…and starting to care more about anti-aging

Like melbatee, I grew up in a household where mama bear told me to take care of my skin for as long as I can remember. The first time I really cared about what I was putting on or doing to my face was in junior high, when all the girls started wearing (heavy) makeup and acne was a thing. I’ve never really had any major skin issues, not even pimples throughout puberty – but I did start using Neutrogena’s Acne Prone something or other because I saw it in a commercial and wanted to fit in with everyone else…

Anyway, fast forward to nowadays where I’m older with a slightly fatter wallet and head screwed on somewhat straight – skincare has become a bit of a pet passion for me. The cute bottles and packaging, the heavenly smells, the promise of radiance. I dedicate myself to taking care of my skin every morning and night with a modified 10-step regime borrowed from the Koreans, but I use a variety of products from all over. I profess that I do love Korean skincare products more than the others, but am always open to trying the latest and greatest!

Most people think I’m crazy when I tell them about how I’m always on the lookout for new and better skincare. What people don’t know is that I’ve struggled with redness in my cheeks for a looooooong time, blackheads that don’t go away, and dryness that bites me in the proverbial arse every winter. Everyone has skin issues, but I think part of the fun is discovering what solutions are out there to troubleshoot them. It’s really, really satisfying when you put something on your face and it’s like magic happened. Magic! Who could deny that? 😉